Sunday, 2 June 2013

Missy's Cupcakes and the apocalypse.

Recently, it felt as though I was experiencing a post apocalyptic world, with no internet. You forget how much you rely on having the internet until its snapped out of your hands. We went with more than seven days with no internet connection, what the jaffa? It's 2013, we have the technology to send people to the moon, but Talk Talk can't provide a reliable internet service.

Its back at least, for now.

I had recently been asked to design a logo and flyer for Missy's Cupcakes , she makes creative and delicious cupcakes that look too good to nom!

A snapshot of some test printouts
 The brief was to design something cutesy and kitschy with a pastel theme.
Nom, nom, nom.

Everything (except the font) including the borders, is hand drawn, then scanned into Photoshop to be coloured. 
Blood, sweat and tears and many hours work went into creating this, and I'm quite pleased with the end result, this was my first attempt at branding and creating something 'professional' for someone else to use.

Ta da! The final design for the flyer.

Look at these amazing Chopstitch cupcakes Missy made for me :D

Dont forget to check out Missy's Instagram page, for delicious cupcake updates :)


Holey moley guacamoley..