Thursday, 13 June 2013

Science Facts Thursday: Here Comes The Rain

Its Science Facts Thursday!

Today I bring you some facts about rain. I live in a small city called Preston in England, it rains approximately 80% of the time, especially when I have left my umbrella at home.

The water cycle diagram below illustrates how clouds are formed, working anti clockwise.
It starts with the sun heating up our oceans, evaporating tiny droplets of water, which then rise and form clouds (which happens by some form of wizardry). These clouds then hang out in the sky for a while, until they get bored and fancy a change of scenery, this is when precipitation happens, (precipitation is a fancy word for water falling from the sky).
The rain eventually makes its way back to our oceans and rivers, so it can start the cycle all over again.

The water cycle, working anti clockwise .

You may notice different shaped clouds in the sky, they all have fancy names, here are a few, they sound like they should be in a classical band.

Me and Sloth like to be prepared for all weather forces, here we are enjoying abit of precipitation.
Macs and wellies.

This was one of my favourite bands as a kid, check out this song about rain. It's rather good.

So there you have it, some interesting facts about rain. Don't forget to pop by next Thursday, for more interesting science facts!


  1. I love your science facts illustrations. Makes me wanna have something like that on my dissertation work :) One day you have to talk about tardigrades, they are pretty awesome, like tiny super heroes.
    Sofia G

    1. Hehe thankyou! I'd love to do some science worksheets! That would be fun.
      I just googled them, they do! I will pop them on my list of ideas for future posts :)

      Ginge ♥

    2. And they are been used by NASA and the Italian Space Agency for experiments to see the limits of life in space, at low orbit :)
      I love your thursday post :D
      SOfia G

  2. Your illustrations are always so cute. ♥ Great work. You make learning fun!


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