Thursday, 19 September 2013

Science Facts Thursday: Changes of State

It's science facts Thursday again!!

Ever had a chocolate bar that has melted to a mound of mush? Or attempted to make homemade stock to find all the water has vanished? What's going on? Well, science has the answer.

All substances can take form in any of the three* different states, solid, liquid or gas. However, at room temperature some of these will be solid and some will be liquid or gas. To change this you need to change certain things. Temperature and pressure.

Changes of state

Pressure and temperature are what effect the change of state. Air naturally presses down on Earth, this is called atmospheric pressure.
The higher up you go, the lower the atmospheric pressure, so boiling points are lower as it is easier for particles to move about.
The atmospheric pressure is why your ears 'pop' when you go up in an aeroplane.

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  1. "Ice Lollies"...if they melt at a "lower" temperature than water, then at any given temperature, they will melt faster than water, giving you "less" time (than water/ice) to "nom" them.


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