Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cut Out and Keep: Christmas Card

It's another cut out and keep Christmas post!
This week we bring you a Cosmos and Crayons Ginge and Sloth Christmas card and envelope.

Merry Christmas from Sloth and Ginge.
Simply download the three printouts below. You will need two sheets of card, scissors and glue to make 2 cards with envelopes.

Print this one first, full size A4 portrait.

Pop your card back in your printer,
 with the previous printout on the reverse
 and the blank side facing up.
 You the should have two cards, with a front and inside printed. Chop these out with your scissors following the faint grey line horizontally across the page.
Printout two envelopes, full size A4 landscape.
Cut out your envelope prints, fold and glue the tabs in place, and voila!


  1. Omg! Thank you. So adorable. and i love the little pudding on the envelope.

  2. the envelope is such a cute touch very cool :)


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