Thursday, 5 December 2013

Science Facts Thursday: All About Koalas

Cor blimey, didgeryi-doo, here's some science facts for you.
This week it's koalas!

Koalas mostly live in Eastern Australia, where its lovely and sunny and warm. They spend the majority of their time up in trees. They have sharp claws that help them climb up tall trees. Their closest relative is the Wombat.
Droughts and bush fires are the Koalas biggest threats. Dingos and Pythons will om nom nom them if given the chance.

Koalas are vegan, eating mostly Eucalyptus leaves. Due to the limited nutritional value and calorie content of Eucalyptus leaves, Koalas can sleep for up to 20 hours a day.

To attract a female, the male koala lets out a loud bellowing sound. This also intimidates rivals.

Koalas have similar finger prints to humans!
Koalas are marsupial animals, like kangaroos, which means they have a pouch on their belly in which they carry their young, usually for around 6 months or until they have grown strong enough to cling onto their mothers back.

A baby Koala is called a Joey.
They are super cute, but be careful if you ever see one in the wild, they are still a wild animal and my bite or scratch you.


  1. baby koalas are the cutest things ever. Another fun fact is Koalas can rip your face off with those long claws. Hehehe

  2. your drawings are the cutest :) yay for koalas


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