Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Comic Con 2013

I had never been to Comic Con before, and always fancied going, so when my lovely Lew♥ asked me if I wanted to go, obviously I said yes.
We debated for a while what cosplay we should go as, and decided on Finn and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.

Princess Bubblegum and Finn

These were our awesome outfits. I like to carry around lots of extra things I don't need, so I needed to make myself a bag and thought this Peppermint Butler bag did the job nicely.I also customised some shoes to make my outfit complete.

Finn, B.M.O and Princess Bubblegum
Lew got us fast track tickets, so luckily we weren't queuing long, which is a good job as it was a very hot day and we didn't have suncream on.
We bumped into our pal B.M.O too!

Adventure Time Travelling with Finn and Princess Bubblegum

Once we got ourselves inside, we were overwhelmed by how many stalls there were. So much fun stuff to look at!
We had our photo taken in the DeLorean from the Back to the Future movies, it cost £5 and you got yourself a printout in a little cardboard sleeve. Some of the proceeds went towards a doggie  home for unwanted pets ♥
Check out Bane and Batman in the background!
We found this super awesome kawaii stall, Tofu Cute, which entertained me for a while, I'm a sucker for anything with a cute face. You can check out their online shop here :)

Nom, nom, nom.
How awesome are these cupcakes made by Emerald City Cupcakes! I had to get a box, they tasted as delicious as they look. You can check out their website here :)

We had a good wander round, and spent a few pennies on old PS1 games. Don't kid yourself, if you ever go take plenty of spends with you.
The best part of the whole day were the costumes! We saw some incredible cosplay. We bumped into a few other Finn's and Princess Bubblegum's. We had lots of kids asking to have their photo taken with us, which was very sweet. My personal favourite were the T-1000 and Lara Croft.
This was brilliant, two people dressed as the AT-AT from the Star Wars films.

We had such a fun day and are excited about next years Comic Con, and already thinking about what to dress up as.


  1. My favorite part has to be your shoes - they are amazing! I've never seen Adventure Time, but I can definitely appreciate the amount of effort you guys put into your outfits. :)

    1. Thankyou! We both love dressing up (we're big kids really)It was soo much fun, I highly recommend watching adventure time :) ♥

  2. It looks so fun!
    I love your shoes!
    And how amazing/funny is T-1000?!!

    1. It was definitely my favourite costume I saw :) ♥

  3. So awesome! I've been watching the Comic con music videos and the costumes are incredible! I love both of your costumes and your shoes and bag are the bee's knees :)

    1. Thankyou! You must go sometime, it was a super fun day, we can't wait to go next year :) ♥

  4. Comic con looked like so much fun. I can't get over your costume. The shoes are flipping amazing and the Peppermint Butler bag is perfect. :)

    1. We had such an awesome day, and my Lew was so cute as Finn, we can't wait for next year :)

  5. where oh where did u get ur dress!!


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