Thursday, 1 August 2013

Science Facts Thursday: Postponed ...

We are super busy at the Cosmos and Crayons head office, so this weeks science facts Thursday will be postponed until next week. Sorry to disappoint any budding science fans out there, we are working on some exciting things.

In the mean time, I'll share some rejected Cosmos and Crayons artwork I did originally for the blog.

This one is currently my little picture on the right hand side bar. I drew this before I employed Sloth as my handy helper.

Cosmos and Crayons lettering, which I still love, and will no doubt use it for something at some point. The original title for my blog was 'The Cosmos, Crayons and Ginge, but I shortened it to Cosmos and Crayons.

Sloth ♥
My lovely little companion Sloth.

Ginge and Sloth
Just incase anyone was wondering, it's a little heart we are making with our hands ♥

Be sure to pop by next week, when we will be back on schedule and bring you some interesting science facts. 


Holey moley guacamoley..