Thursday, 15 August 2013

Science Facts Thursday: The Periodic Table

We are finally back on schedule with Science Facts Thursday!
This week we Introduce the Periodic Table.

The Periodic table is an arrangement of all the chemical elements, (well at least the ones that have been discovered by scientists) with their atomic number, chemical symbol and relative atomic mass. They are placed in order of atomic mass, reading from left to right.

The Periodic Table. You can click the image for a larger version.
Check out the list below to find out which element the chemical symbols represent. It's not always an obvious choice, for example Gold is represented by the letters 'Au', from its Latin name Aurum.

Chemical Symbols
Start learning your chemical symbols as next week we take a look at molecules and the structure of an atom.


  1. Why haven't I meet you on my highschool years and early university years?? I would for sure use you periodic table! They are so cute! I'm gonna show it to my teachers friends :)

    Sofia G

    1. Haha! It would of made Science that little more fun back in school! Let me know what they think, I hope there are no mistakes on it :)

  2. lol its so colorful and heart shaped
    who knew science could be so fun :)


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