Friday, 11 October 2013

Cut Out and Keep: Icosahedron Sun, Earth and Moon Mobile

It's the first Cut Out and Keep project! How cute is this Icosahedron Earth, Sun and Moon mobile! We love making stuff in the lab, so our new regular post 'Cut Out and Keep' will be different projects for you to print out and create.
An Icosahedron is a 20 sided 3 dimensional shape. Wowza.  

Including printing, allow yourself an hour for this project. I rate this as 3.5 tricky sticky sausages out of 5. Anyone can make it, but some of the gluing is abit tricky, so you will need a little patience.
You will need the following images. These files are saved as PNG files, alternatively comment with your email address and I can send you a PDF containing the files :)

Click the image, then right click and save
to your desktop for printing...

... and again...

... and one more time.

You will need
♥ Three sheets of A4 paper/ card ( To print out the Icosahedrons)
♥ Scissors
♥ Glue
♥ Ruler
♥ A piece of string/ wool. A length of 20"/ 50cm will be plenty.

Not got a printer? Email me at with a postal address and I will send you out the images and a piece of string.

I use this handy dinosaur book as a cutting/gluing matt :)

First you want to print out all three Icosahedrons, full size A4 landscape, then chop them out with the scissors.

You only want to score/bend tab number 11 on all three Icosahedrons.
The tabs are numbered in order of gluing (Number are not shown on the images as I added these later)
 Start by adding a generous amount of glue to tab number one. Stick this tab to the tabless side across from tab number one. The image above shows how to do this. Continue gluing along until tab number 5.
 Your Sun should look like the first image. get your piece of string, leave enough length for hanging, then add a knot, slip this knot under the center of the Icosahedron, leaving it trailing underneath then glue tab 5 to the tabless side across, this last tab will pull the icosahedron into shape (as shown in the middle image). Turn the shape onto its side and glue tab 6 to the tabless side across.
 Turn the sun upside down, and continue gluing tabs, in numerical order from 7-10.
You will have tab number 11 remaining. pull the string up through the center, then glue tab 11 in place. This tab is quite tricky, this is why scoring this tab earlier came in hand, if its too tricky to glue, tuck it in so no one can see it. 
 Now start gluing the tabs on Earth until you get to number 5. Pop a Knot in the string as far down as you want the Earth to hang from the sun. then glue tab 5.
 Continue doing the same as you did for the sun, making sure you pull the string through the bottom center.
Follow the above instructions again for adding the Moon.

Only this time, when you get to gluing tab number 11, trim and took the remaining string inside the Moon.
Then pat yourself on the back for all your hard work.
Hope you enjoyed this Cut Out and Keep Project.

Send me a photo of your mobile to, and I'll pop it on the blog :)


  1. I can not wait to make these. So cute.

  2. these are freakin adorable!!! i love 'em!

  3. I want pdf file, thanks!

  4. I want pdf file, thanks!

  5. love love these


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