Thursday, 3 October 2013

Science Facts Thursday: Lead

We had a busy week last week, so unfortunately didn't get chance to update you on some Science facts.
This week we have lots of fun updates! What do you think of the spooky new theme?

We also bring you some science facts on Lead!

The scientific term for a metal that is stretchy is 'malleable' . It's not as stretchy as a Stretch Armstrong, but has a slight flex that can be a handy property for some uses.

Lead is poisonous! It damages the nervous system and can effect the brain.

Lead was once used in paints, pipping and petrol too. In paints it can increase drying time, durability and resist moisture. Quite handy, but due to the effects it can have on your health it is no longer used in most things.

In Alchemy planets are paired up with metals. Lead and Saturn are best buds.

In Greek mythology, Midas was a magical King that could turn anything to gold.  Sounds fun, but have you seen the skittles advert with the chap that turns anything into skittles just by touching it? At least you can eat skittles. There is a level on Tomb Raider, Palace Midas, where you collect 3 lead bars and turn them into gold on Midas's hands. If you have never played it, go get yourself a copy.
Here is what happens when Lara stands on Midas's hands.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks science facts!
Join us later this week where we have a  new regular post to announce!

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