Thursday, 6 February 2014

Science Facts Thursday: Earth

We are starting off our love for Earth,  with some facts on our home planet.
We'd be lost without it, literally.

Until we get a visit from E.T, we are the only known life form in the Solar System and It's mega massive! 

I am 26 Earth years old. I feel pretty young in comparison to Earth.
We need to look after the planet, to make sure it continues to look after us, and for billions of years after too.

Other: water vapour, carbon dioxide and other gaseous molecules.

The atmosphere is pretty handy. Without it we wouldn't be able to breathe.

We would be frazzled like bacon without it! You still need to make sure you wear suncream, it doesn't protect us completely, especially if you live in Australia, where there is a whole in the ozone layer.

Don't forget to pop by next week for more science facts on our awesome planet, Earth.


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