Friday, 26 April 2013

Ginge Draws: Tonsil Doom

So I've been a little poorly recently, by recently I mean the last nine weeks, it's OK though as the Doctor said I'd be better in a weeks time. This was a week ago, and I've since added tonsillitis to my list of symptoms.

This is what tonsillitis looks like, check 'em out they're massive little boogers.

My besties Wensdi and Chantal went for burritos yesterday, eating burritos is my new hobby, so I was quite saddened when I could not attend as I was bed bound. Its OK though, as the doctor said I'd be better in a weeks time....

'Please come out and play Ginge'
Maybe if my sloth companion was a real Doctor, he could fix me up in no time.

'Its OK, you'll be better in a weeks time Ginge, I should know, I'm a professional'


  1. So sorry you're feeling so crappy...but your sweet illustrations can't help but make me smile!

    Get well soon!


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